The Effects of Television on Children - A Summary

30/01/2013 11:52

One of the negative effects television is wearing children is the effect of violence.. We usually take note in the time agenda for our favorite programs particularly when it is only shown a few times a week..  In a great world men and women not use curse words..  He needs constant interaction while using outside world and other kids..  In addition, research has revealed association between obesity and seriousness of asthma, abnormal liver enzymes due to fat accumulation round the liver, and snore..

 Also, you are able to monitor what are the shows are teaching of course, if it goes in addition to what you are teaching your youngster..  The noise weakens the auditory perception of children, and the sight can also be affected..  You'll get plenty of news covering earthquakes, wars and killing because happy news aren't as interesting as unhappy ones, and Media knows it perfectly..  Experts claim that too much watching of TV especially among children isn't good for the health as well as the mind..  Television, in the end, is easily the most common form of media that even children who aren't literate yet can effortlessly..

 For children, it can be easier to learn math, science, alphabet and other subject matters if someone can show them the way to do it like counting, identifying objects and a great deal more..  Also, those activities that ought to be prioritized like reading, doing homework and spending time with family are dismissed or overlooked.. Television could be a source of education and entertainment for most children around the world..  Overweight children report negative assumptions made about them by others, including being lazy, strong, tougher than others, lacking feelings, and being unclean.. Some parents think about the TV sets as baby-sitters that happen to be good at calming the youngsters down..

 Do not put a TV in your child's bedroom..  It got into such frenzy we had a Speak Good English Campaign, remember?.  This is due to the way that these topics are tackled and attractively presented to children..  Sometimes a familiar or appropriate movie or programme can provide a relaxing moment both child and parent.. It is just not enough to prevent the little one from spending all his spare time in front in the TV, but we should at the same time imagine alternative activities for him to invest his leisure time..

 The noise weakens the auditory perception of youngsters, and the sight can also be affected.. Today television has developed into a very important part of our daily lives, but particularly so inside the lives in our children.. But then, watching TV have their own advantages and disadvantages..  Like buying popcorn plus a soda at the movies, we feel we must have something to pop into our mouths while watching TV just like a zombie..  

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